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Gaming in Spain:looking for a competitive and safe client environment in Spain.

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As we told you last week, we are excited to being participating in the first ever B2B event in the online gambling market: Gaming in Spain. We have interviewed Willem van Oort, the organiser of GaminginSpain and one of the main influencers in the online gaming market in Spain.  He is also the CEO  of GranViaOnline, a leading online marketing services provider to the gaming industry with offices in Madrid and London and an enthusiastic beliver in the power of sharing experiences and knowledge.
Take his answers as an apetizer for what we are going to hear next Thrusday!
  • What was first for you, gambling or internet? How did you enter in this world?

It was in 2006 that I realised the potential of especially online betting and online bingo. With people in Spain quite liking these 2 activities offline7, I thought it would be a matter of time before this could happen online.

  • Why a B2B event? How big is the industry in Spain? Do we know each other?

We decided to organise the B2B event because no similar event existed. Yes a lot of people know each other. But with the online regulation many new players will enter this field. E.g. International companies who only want to work in a regulated environment, and Spanish based land based companies who are now moving online.

  • Some casino/poker places offer quite intrusive and even annoying pop-us and moving adverds. It looks like casual traffic is enough for them. Is this working? Is going to be any change after the “Ley del Juego”?

I guess aggressive advertising will exist in any industry. With the new regulation, most of these sited will not pass compliance I think.

  • Can you highlight the main goals os the event?

For me, my main goal is to contribute my marketing expertise towards a competitive and safe client environment in Spain.

  • Is e-gamming social? Can it take advantage of social networks in this aspect (creating community) or is it a solo activity?

Social gaming: I really have no opinion about this as I think it is too early to say. Of course Facebook could be a great acquisition channel, if and when allowed.

  • And, what about the “future”: egamming and geolocalization? Egamming and augmented reality? What can you forecast?

The same here. Augmented reality and egaming have not been brought together as I am aware of. I will be following this closely. The future in Spain of egaming will be a growth into an online business, whilst growing the total market as well as eating in some of the land based activities. That I think is what the immediate future will bring us.

Thank you Willem!

To all of you, a last reminder :

Gaming in Spain 2011 is a niche event launched by GamingInSpain for the interactive gaming community, which focuses on providing key information regarding the online gambling landscape to the major B2B stakeholders from across the Spanish gambling industry.

Internet Advantage will be there as one of  the online marketing companies specialized in this market and our Sales Director,  Soraya García Merino, is going to be one of the speaker in the panel Selling online gambling: Advertising, Marketing and Promotion (at 11:50 am).


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